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Introduction to SCoRE

The Sentence Corpus of Remedial English (SCoRE) is a free, open-platform, web-based data-driven learning (DDL) program.

Research has shown that DDL (i.e., in this case, observing grammar and vocabulary in a variety of authentic contexts to understand language use) is effective for intermediate and advanced level second language learning. DDL can be used at the beginner level, however, existing corpora contain high level vocabulary, complex grammar and culturally obscure colloquial usage and are often paired with tools designed for researchers or more advanced level users which can be difficult for lower level proficiency users to negotiate. The purpose of this program is to provide both a level-appropriate corpus and set of tools easily used by lower level proficiency second language learners, teachers and material developers. It requires no fee or registration and its open platform allows users to contribute to its database.

It currently contains 22 categorized grammar items with over 10,000 level-specific, semi-authentic sentences written to satisfy particular pedagogical considerations, i.e., appropriateness and usability, and fair use for copyright issues. Each English example sentence is accompanied by a Japanese translation which was manually translated and corrected

It contains four tools:

(1) a pattern browser in which users can view example sentences by grammar item, keyword, and/or beginner, intermediate or advanced proficiency level;
(2) a simple, user-friendly concordancer which displays results either as complete sentences or as key words in context (KWIC) and allows for sampling and sorting;
(3) a fill-in-the-blank quiz function (except English version) for creating quizzes and automatically marking answers aimed at motivating learners by providing instant feedback; and;
(4) a download function so that desired SCoRE data can be obtained in an EXCEL format to allow teachers create worksheets, quizzes, and homework.

From within each tool, other tools can be chosen without returning to the top page (home page) by clicking on the pop-down menu on the upper right, shown below. For details, see User Guide.

Content on this site created by the SCoRE Project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License. Any materials created from this program must cite and reference SCoRE.

Use the following reference to cite the SCoRE:

Chujo, K., Oghigian, K. and Akasegawa, S. “A corpus and grammatical browsing system for remedial EFL learners,” In A. Leńko-Szymańska and A. Boulton (eds.), Multiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2015, 109-128.

For more information on the research foundations of this work, background of DDL, or studies on the efficacy of DDL at the beginner L2 level, please click to Publications and Presentations on the left-side menu.